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Treva's Ross Lab Home Page

by Callum Ross last modified Mar 11, 2013 10:41 AM

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago studying anthropology and philosophy. I'm interested in the biomechanics of the primate head and the development of functional complexity in hominin cranial musculature, as well as the consequences of this field for contemporary social theory and philosophy of science, especially as these pertain to the practice of physical anthropology.

Currently, I am investigating patterns of muscle recruitment during mastication in Pan troglodytes using electromyographic and videographic data. This project also involves analysis of the relationship between food material properties, feeding behavior, and regimes of muscle recruitment. Our research into the craniofacial musculature is directed toward understanding questions about the evolutionary morphology of the primate feeding apparatus and the phylogeny of early hominins that remain unresolved by comparative morphological and other methods.

I have also worked on projects using CT data from various extant and fossil primates, and worked with x-ray videographic data while contributing to a study of the role of the sensorimotor cortex in control of feeding in primates.


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