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Ross Lab at the University of Chicago

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Entrance to Rosslab

lab photo2

Welcome to the Ross lab at the University of Chicago. The Ross lab studies the evolution of vertebrate feeding systems, especially the relationships between morphology and behavior both during ontogeny and during evolution. Vertebrate morphology and behavior are designed by natural selection not only to be adapted to specific tasks, but also to be adaptive, i.e., to be able to vary in response to changing conditions. Feeding systems are ideal places to study these adaptations because feeding performance is an important determinant of animal survival, and because there is a wide range of variability in sensorimotor systems, musculoskeletal morphology, feeding behavior and modulatory abilities. We apply a wide range of techniques to a wide range of questions.


Senior Lecturer

Research Associate


Medical students

  • Courtney Orsbon

Graduate students

  • Justin Lemberg
  • Yashesvini Lanka
  • I am not accepting graduate students, but if you are a prospective graduate student interested in motor control and neuromechanics, please look at the Moto-IGERT web page. 


  • David Reed has a job as Assistant Professor at UIC

Undergraduate students



Interview recorded for Big Picture Science included in the episode, Olympics for the Rest of Us.
You can listen to the whole program here:

Just my bit:

Midwest Primate Interest Group

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